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Advertisements and campaign photos for vintage classic modern fragrances!

Here you will find advertisements for vintage and modern fragrances, perfumes, and beauty products. We have included photos, editorials, and ads. The vision for this website is to provide an archive database for historical reference in this ever changing digital world.

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The concept behind the Celebrity Fashion & Perfume (CFP) network is to provide a resource guide for historical documentation of all fragrances and celebrity endorsed products. Most product manufacturers only keep their current selling product information online, and many of us still linger for those items that are no longer in production. Locating information, photos and documentation on these products is a difficult task. The CFP websites will try to locate and post this archival data for reference and the enjoyment of viewing the historical photos of your favorite fragrances.

Some data contained within these websites are currently online at the respective manufacturer's site. However, these websites can wipe the data without notice, so we have included current product data along with archival information on this site. All manufacturers with active websites are linked to within their respective pages.

We will try to include all historical fragrances, vintage and modern, but this is a grassroots project so be patient. If you would like to contribute to the data, articles, advertisements, or have an ad you want to see published here that we have overlooked, please contact us.

Perfume is art, from the blending of the fragrant notes to create the perfect bouquet, to the glass bottle designs and advertising campaign, fragrance is an exquisite composition for our senses. Advertisement is art form, from the blending of color, light, setting, to using "right" celebrity to reflect the product influence on the culture or to evoke a "feeling" from the viewer - the art of photography in advertisements is something to be reviewed, studied, and collected. Enjoy!

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